Welcome to Yeezy Giveaways!

A Giveaway will be active once the full amount of tickets have been sold.

Multiple entries are allowed.

A Random Winner will receive DEADSTOCK AUTHENTIC Yeezys.

Once the winner has been chosen they will be contacted within 24 hours to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed, a new winner will be chosen in 48 hours. Winner will be notified on the site, and by email.

All shoes are bought from reputable retailers, such as Flight Club, Stadium Goods, StockX etc.

All Pairs are will have purchase location noted in the description.

Once a winning ticket is claimed, the item will be immediately shipped to the winner. Shipping is FREE and from the USA, so items will usually take less than 6 days to arrive.


Why Yeezy Giveaways?


Want a pair of Authentic Yeezys in your size, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars?

Enter a Giveaway for a vsriety of Yeezy tyoes direclty on this site, for under $10.


Most raffles and online giveaways take thousands of entries. Our Giveaways are exclusive and usually take only 300 entries. With multiple entries allowed, the odds have never been more in your favor!

Safe & From the USA

All payment and customer information is sent through a secure SSL connection.

All items are shipped from the USA.

Active Giveaways

Giveaway Process

  • 1. Buy a Ticket

    Buy a ticket for the Giveaway that you want to enter. Keep in mind that multiple entries are allowed, and will of course give you a better chance of winning!

  • 2. Wait for Giveaway to End

    Once all tickets are sold, or the timer has run out, the Giveaway will end. If not enough tickets were sold, the timer will restart.

  • 3. Claim Your Winning Ticket

    Winners will be announced on the site, and Winners will be contacted by their Paypal email for security reasons, and asked to confirm their address and shoe size. Once the winner is confirmed, the item will be sent to them. All items are in the USA, so shipping won’t take more than 6 days.

  • 4. Enjoy Your Yeezy

    Enjoy your new shoes! Feel feel to send us a picture of your item, as we will showcase all winners on the website, as a form of showing that is real.

  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

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